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Effects of watching too much TV and movies.

Dec 14, 14 Effects of watching too much TV and movies.

Watching television us shared by most adults and kids. It is appealing, cheap and is within the reach of majority or general public. In this way, television is an important mass media around the world. Unfortunately, this resource is not being used to get the possible benefits from.


The first reason why individuals should not watch too much television is, the contents of many programs are not educational. We have series, movies that show scenes that promote violence, drugs and sex. This establishes the wrong concepts especially among the kids who end-up adopting the negative behaviours. Children also grow up with the wrong idea of what the world is, like a woman has to be slender or blonde in order to stand out. A research carried out showed that kids who view violent acts show aggressive behaviour and fear that the world is scary.

Pearce, a scholar, a scientist and a teacher, talks about the dangerous effects of television on â€growing brains’ regardless of the content. Pearce says that too much of television literally prevents the neural growth of young brains like those of children. When kids watch too much of TV, it quashes the capacity of their brains to imagine ( stop thinking process). The more a child spends his or her time on television the more they reduce their level of innovation.Sainsburys-Home-screen

Depression- too much of television has been linked to cause depression. Besides, depression results in one being unable to stop the addiction. Depression causes stress related health problem

Makes one fell guilty- TV addiction is linked with delaying important task allocated to an individual. This results to a feeling of guilt

Negative thinking as most of the content that appears on TV is negative. Movies and series are embedded with negative messages like fashion and etc. being a subject to such messages make one feel bad and might even make one become a negative thinker

Children who spend most of their time on television, that is, more than 4 hours are expected to be overweight. This leads to obesity and related problems like blood pressure and heart and kidney disease

Studies carried out by different universities on the harmful effects of TV addiction show that too much of television increases the risk of obesity or type 2 diabetes. Another study revealed that too much of television reduces the viewers’ sense of self efficacy in maintaining his health.


It is therefore important to manage what your child is watching and the time he or she spends watching.

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